PROJECT: RevOnline triage

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Re: PROJECT: RevOnline triage

Post by FourthWorld » Tue Oct 07, 2014 3:23 pm

True, the transition to Open Language (with the Widgets and Themes that come along with it) is such a ground-breaking set of initiatives that inevitably it will alter other shorter-term goals.

But to achieve this transition will require very prudent use of resources, so I can't fault then for adjusting their timelines to prioritize it.

With it comes a new world of opportunity for third parties, beyond anything we've known in any xTalk before. The level of integration Widgets can have - both with the IDE and even the host OS - is much richer than anything that's come before it.

Once in our hands, we can expect an explosion of components from the community, as it not only makes them easier to build, but also easier to use in our projects and easier to share among projects and among developers.

So clearly something like RevOnline will play a critical role for LiveCode going forward, just as CPAN does for Perl and CRAN does for R.

But RevOnline as it is today, designed several years ago before Open Language was conceived, is inadequate for the task. So it needs a deep overhaul, and since it requires integration with language features not yet in our hands, we're currently limited in terms of how the community can meaningfully contribute at this point.

That said, this will be changing soon. Preview releases of v8 are currently anticipated to begin in a few weeks, and then we'll all have an opportunity to explore ways we can share code and components more fluidly than ever before.

In the meantime, to get a taste of what's ahead the video in Kevin's blog entry on Widgets is worth reviewing: ... ts-themes/
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