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rIDE 2.4 Released

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:34 pm
by wilstrand
Dear All!

Here comes version 2.4 of rIDE!

The Property Inspector has been heavily updated and is now rather advanced.
The Inspector now handles multi level customProperties and customPropertySets
which can be inspected and edited freely. Fill- and strokeGradients are now integrated
into the Inspector for inspection and editing. The editing handles of the gradients can
be dragged even outside the window boundaries by dragging the "cross-arrows" in the

The Property Inspector treats native and custom controls in the same way. A color property
of for example a button gets a clickable "Color Indicator" to the right of the value field.
The Inspector analyses both the property name and value to display proper controls for editing
the property. The Inspector does the same for a custom Control. Try selecting a custom control,
for example a Data Grid, and then choose "Custom" from the Combo box at the top of the Inspector.
Or you could try building your own custom control, add some custom properties to it and inspect
in the Inspector. Here you can experiment with the property names and values to see the effect in
the Inspector. Choosing a property name ending with for example "color" will have the Inspector
display the same editing controls for your custom control as if it was a native control.

You're probably guessing by now that theese features aims at a streamlined and consistent
mechanism for creating, editing and inspecting controls. And you're right! Next version
of rIDE will include new and integrated tools for creating, editing and inspecting native as well as
custom controls.

You bring up the Property Inspector by double clicking a node in the
Browser Tree, right-clicking a node and choose "Property Inspector" or double clicking
a control in editing mode. At the top of both the Tree and Inspector are combo boxes
where you can either select predefined filter categories or type in your own search
phrases which can be used to inspect, edit, search and filter the properties directly in
the Inspector.

Enjoy this rIDE!

With my best regards,