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iOS, mobilePickPhoto "camera", and EXIF

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:57 pm
by pkocsis
On android, when mobilePickPhoto "camera" is used, the returned image contains intact EXIF. On iOS however, the returned image does not contain EXIF from the iOS camera (it *does* contain some cursory EXIF but unlike android, it does not have any of the EXIF normally present in a photo taken with the native iOS camera app). There is an enhancement request which is bug# 11364. I filed a bug report on this as I considered it a bug since android has it and iOS does not. My bug got marked as a duplicate of the previously mentioned enhancement request.

My question to engine developers is: Does the ability even exist in iOS to return full and intact EXIF data in an image that is returned from the use of mobilePickPhoto "camera"? ....or is that not something that underlying iOS API's even support.