Bad chunk order redux

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Bad chunk order redux

Post by dunbarx » Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:35 pm

I am struggling with migration to v.8.

One thing that would help move me out of v. 6.7.9 (besides the expanded itemDelimter, a real treasure) would be the ability to do what HC could. That is, not care about the "size" order of chunk expressions.

HC could:

Code: Select all

answer line 3 of item 5 of word 7 of temp
LC cannot. You get a "bad chunk order" error. This is not new in LC. Nor is this question new in this forum. Bug 9436 is logged, and Mark W. hints it might be dealt with one day...

My question here once again is this. Does anyone else see how terrific this would be? Wouldn't a few users making this case get the notice of the team, enough to enhance the parser? Isn't v.8 the place to do it?

Craig Newman

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