LiveCode 7 embedded web features also in mobile

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LiveCode 7 embedded web features also in mobile

Post by juanjo » Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:17 pm

Are there plans to give the new embedded web features of LiveCode 7 to mobile?

Seriously, I need you to unify the mobile browser with revBrowser, with all its benefits, such as communication from JavaScript to LiveCode and PDF and video rendering capabilities.
My company (a communication group) works hard in both areas.

In the case of video (either player or web embedded) we often have to deal with major challenges, and we have not been able to incorporate LiveCode in reading of our PDF newspapers, magazines and other publications.

I know that in LiveCode Mobile communicates with the native browser on each platform but it is supposed that's one of the advantages of LiveCode, abstracting the complexities and differences behind a common interface…

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