Implement DataGrid in C/C++

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Implement DataGrid in C/C++

Post by tellboy » Thu May 29, 2014 6:54 pm

A simple request but simple to implement?

Create a DataGrid that is not formed out of scripted objects but formed as part of the underlying system as per other controls.

This I am sure would increase the performance of the grid substantially.

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Re: Implement DataGrid in C/C++

Post by AxWald » Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:55 pm

tellboy wrote:Create a DataGrid that is not formed out of scripted objects but formed as part of the underlying system as per other controls.
Supporting this. I tried the DataGrid thing as it is, but find it all but comprehensive. I'd so much love to have:
  1. An LC data structure like our arrays, but that we can use in plain SQL statements:

    Code: Select all

    put revdb_execute(04711,"Select * from MyTable") into MyRecordSet
    get revExecuteSQL MyRecordset, MyQueryToMakeSomethingWith
  2. A native implementation of "DataGrid"s that could be fed with a recordsource ("it" - see above), where we easily could mark columns as editable or not, where we could calculate in easily, a true representation of the "recordset" behind. Not the immense complicated group & array thingie that we have now.
What I'm after is to have an alternative to MS Access. Quite a lot is already done in LC (especially a language that beats VBA in any way), I can already do amazing database wizardry with it. What we need now is a simple, fast & native implementation of "recordsets", and a simple, fast & native representation of them on screen.
Add a basic report generator, and watch them Access fiends coming by and buy the commercial version ...
(MS Access isn't what it used to be anymore. It has shifted from an awesome tool for geeks, with some wizards for "normal people", to a tool full of wizards for nOObs, and constant changes repelling the geeks. I stopped at Acc 2K3.)

Have fun!

I should emphasize:
  • The code above is plain bogus code, written w/o any further consideration, just to show my point. It might never run successfully ...
  • Very well possible that LC already can do what I'm asking for. But if, in a not very comprehensive way. Else this thread wouldn't exist.
  • At last, I think database work isn't the core interest at RunRev. They do, as I imagine, think more of education, gaming, creativity and what else. But in the end - it's a database behind all of this stuff!
Livecode programming until the cat hits the fan ...

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