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Full screen scaling mode in LC 6.5

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:06 am
by Mag
I saw that in the Furure Plans section of releases notes of lc 6.5 dp2 ... 0_dp_2.pdf is disappeared this part (which is present in the releases notes of dp1 ... 0_dp_1.pdf):
Full screen scaling mode.
There are multiple ways in which a stack can be resized or scaled to take full advantage of the available screen space. The full screen scaling mode will allow the developer to choose the most appropraite for their application:
empty (default) - the existing behaviour - the stack is resized (not scaled) to fit the screen.
"exact fit" - scale the stack to fill the screen. This will stretch the stack if the aspect ratio of the screen does not match that of the stack.
"show all" - scale the stack preserving aspect ratio so all content is visible. Some blank space may remain if the screen & stack aspect ratios do not match.
"no border" - scale the stack to fill the screen preserving aspect ratio. If the stack & screen aspect
LiveCode 6.5.0-dp-1 Release Notes 9/12/13
ratios do not match, the left / right or top / bottom extremes of the stack will not be visible. "no scale" - the stack will not be scaled, being centered on the screen instead.
This will be available on all desktop platforms and operates independently from Hi-DPI support.
I think that this feature, combined with the resolution independence would be a big step forward for LC. Is this a desired removal or a error?

Re: Full screen scaling mode in LC 6.5

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:47 am
by bn
Hi Mag,

from Benjamin Beaumont's announcement to the use-list
Release Contents
- Full screen scaling mode.
- PCRE library updated to version 8.33
- libUrlSetSSLVerification now supported on mobile platforms
- Resolution Independence
- Server graphics support
- New global property colorDialogColors
- Integration of revFont external
- Enhanced \'filter\' command
- Text Measurement
- The optional *recursively* adverb has been added to union and intersect
- Xpath functions
So Full Screen Scaling is in the current release, that is the reason why it has dispeared from the Future Plans section.

Kind regards

Re: Full screen scaling mode in LC 6.5

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:03 am
by Mag
Thank you Bernd!