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MobGUI V1.28

Post by splash21 » Mon Jun 23, 2014 2:46 pm

Files can now be copied to a server automatically after building for both iOS and Android. For Android, a basic index.html file is created that points to the .apk file, so both files can just be copied to a folder for the app. I've been using SCP to securely copy the files, but you can also use SFTP, FTP, etc...

The android and iOS options (including .keystore file to use, etc.) are stored against each stack - the stack's dirty flag is set if you change these settings using MobGUI to prevent closing without saving changes.

As suggested, the plugin can be resized / restored quickly to save screen space by double clicking the icon at the top left.

I was also about to add apk signing to the plugin, but that seems to be working now via the standalone settings (I was testing with LC 6.6.2 community).
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