MobGUI V1.24 - Improved carousel control

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MobGUI V1.24 - Improved carousel control

Post by splash21 » Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:17 pm

I did some testing on iPhone4, iPad3 and an android tablet - the carousel was not performing as well as I hoped. V1.24 has an improved version that has been performing much better on the same devices. I was testing at retina on the iOS devices and at low resolution (480x800) on android.

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The carousel control has been added in V1.22. Here's a video showing a quick demonstration;

Here are the images from the video if you want to have a go at creating the stack yourself;
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I'm now updating the documentation with the changes to the icon button and the carousel. Although not demonstrated in the video, there are buttons to add images manually to the carousel by entering their id number or name and you can change the order of the images by dragging them in the image list. There are also a couple of message sent to the control for detecting when items become the front item. Hopefully this control will be a fun and quick way to add some nice looking menus to apps!
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