Zebra barcode scanner : "Intent" output method with LC ?

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Zebra barcode scanner : "Intent" output method with LC ?

Post by bangkok » Tue Apr 09, 2019 2:43 am

Zebra sells several Android PDAs with integrated barcode scanner (good and affordable)

https://www.zebra.com/us/en/products/mo ... /tc20.html

It has developped "Datawedge", an app to set the parameters of its barcode scanner and to set the method to send/display the data.

The main method is the virtual keyboard : the data are simply displayed inside a LiveCode field for instance (that has focus and insertion point).

So far so good.

But there is another method available : "Android Intent" with just 3 parameters to set : "action", "category" and "delivery" (with "broadcast intent")

Doc here :
http://techdocs.zebra.com/datawedge/6-3 ... ut/intent/

Would it be possible (with LCB ?) to create an external that handle the broadcast intent (and would send a special message to the stack with the data that have been scanned) ?

If yes, anyone willing to ?

2 examples outside Livecode world :

https://community.neptune-software.com/ ... rola-zebra

http://techdocs.zebra.com/datawedge/6-6 ... tutorials/

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