Creates APK but will not install - Why?

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Creates APK but will not install - Why?

Post by ajperks » Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:48 pm

First, I can install an earlier version of my project. Obviously the Java & Google thingies + the developer mode on the phone work fine.

I tried several other apps written by others that feature a few of the code items that might be present in my project, but none of them install either. Other apps of mine not related to the project, but contain some code like in the project work fine.

I wondered if it could be that a non-android piece of code could be present, though I doubt that, I was careful and It did produce an APK.
I am using version 9.00 and win 10

Has anyone any ideas why this is not installing?

OK. I found the problem, I didn't select Sign as developer in the android settings in Livecode. Might help other users though.

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