Only single line of text with FCM(gcm)

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Only single line of text with FCM(gcm)

Post by sphere » Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:16 pm


if i'm correct then with the current implementation of Push Notifications using GCM in LC, which now is FCM, only a single line of text is possible.
Probably bigText should be supported within the app itself to be able to have a multiple line message.
So at the moment multi lines are added behind each other, even if you try to send LF or CRLF.

Im not sure if this only depends on the newer FCM, which is still not supported. Although GCM is the underlying base of GCM. New options of FMC are thus not available.
(i send push notifications with a LC application on windows via a PHP file on my server. Which communicates with Google FCM server)
(it should even be possible to send a little image too i've seen here: ... tification - other than the notifications icon)

I have also not tried too implement a piece of manifest which you can find at Google to enable FCM instead of the now used GCM, so i don't know if that would bring any.

Any light on this from someone? and please correct me if i'm wrong and you know a solution to get a multi line message on Android (and maybe iOs too).

FCM or any other Push Notifications system seems not to be missed with mobile apps.

Thanks! Sphere.
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