Customer fonts in Android 7.0

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Customer fonts in Android 7.0

Post by terryho » Sat May 13, 2017 6:00 am

Hi all

For those who have font problem in Android 7.0. I use the following method to include customer fonts in my apps and fix my fonts problem. The major size effect is include a large fonts file in the apps. The following is the step, please test it and comment.

How to use

1. open attach stack
2. Go to the following web site to download the fonts
3. Please download
a. Noto Sans CJK SC or
b. Noto Sans CJK TC
4. Unzip the font file and select the fonts your like, there are more then five fonts in the unzip folder
5. I Choose “NotoSansCJKtc-Regular.otf” and rename the extension to “ttf”
6. Then include the file in your “copy file” in Standalone application setting
7. Then run the application in the Android emulator or drive
8. Push the “Font” button to select the font
9. You will see the “Note Sans CJK TC Regular” in the last of the pick list, select it,
(please note the font name is not like the font file name)
10. Then the font of card 1 will change.
11. Push go to card 2, then Card 2 fonts and all object will change to the select fonts.
12. Please check our code how to change the fonts when open the card

Please note my stack work on LC8, but can not work in LC9


Terry Ho
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Re: Customer fonts in Android 7.0

Post by MaxV » Tue May 23, 2017 3:44 pm

Did you see this:
and this: ... droid.html
TTF is always been supported. OTF was later added at least in 1.6 and later, but partially. Some TTF fonts Android doesn't like.
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Re: Customer fonts in Android 7.0

Post by terryho » Tue May 30, 2017 4:53 am


Thanks your advise.

There is a bug in LC 8.0 or above, when change a group fonts, it will only change the first level of the group's font, but the rest of group belongs to this group will not change.


Terry Ho

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