Activities during preOpenCard are visible to the user

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Activities during preOpenCard are visible to the user

Post by nower » Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:57 am

I have a cross-platform app that resizes according to screen size or window size.
It has several substacks, and when it opens a substack it sets the size of the card appropriately and lays out the elements in the preOpenCard handler.
On Android this sizing of the card and its elements is visible to the user, even though it happens in the preOpenCard where it should be transparent to the user. On all other platforms (iOS, Windows, etc.) it works fine.
I opened a defect about it more than three months ago, which was confirmed but hasn't been addressed yet, and there is no notice when a fix can be expected. The issue occurs on all relevant LC versions, including 6.6.2 and any earlier 6.x versions I tried, and 7 DP.

It causes real ugly visual effects when going from the main card to substack cards. These effects only occur when opening each card for the first time after starting the app. Any times after that the flickering and visible resizing and layout-ing doesn't occur anymore and the transition is ok.

I am now getting close to app store submission and am wondering whether it might be an issue for approval.
Has anyone else experienced this bug, and have you had any experience with an app store submission with it?
Have you found a way around it if you experienced it?


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