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bug: dragNodeStart called unnecessarily

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:59 pm
by Bernard
I have found several conditions where this occurs.
1. using shift+arrow on the keyboard to select multiple nodes triggers dragNodeStart (without any mouse action involved)!
2. clicking on the scroll bar will also trigger dragNodeStart (this is without having done any drag motions inside the rTree control, just a simple scroll).

This is a problem when the cursor is set to change on dragNodeStart (in the above situation it will start but no dragNodeEnd or dragNodeDrop is triggered so that the cursor can be changed back).

Moreover, dragNodeStart does not appear to alter the dragData, so it is not as though one can check on that inside a dragNodeStart (in order to bypass the dragNodeStart's change of cursor).

I'm assuming these have not been reported before because others must not be changing the cursor inside dragNodeStart.