FMaker - a folder maker stack

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FMaker - a folder maker stack

Post by jameshale » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:44 am

Just uploaded to "sample stacks" (button on toolbar in IDE or <>

FMaker is a utility stack to make folders/directories.

It will take a list of files from a directory (or a text file) and create folders with the same names as are in the list.

Once loaded:
• the list can be edited within the stack,
• the list entries can have text removed or replaced
* GREP can be used
• if the list comes from a directory listing the files can be moved into the
newly created folders.
• it uses a couple of SVG widgets so hopefully you will see them.

I actually use it as a standalone on my Mac.

I handle quite a few media files which, after processing, need to be placed in a folder having the same (or similar) name.
Given I do this a lot this was definately a task that could be automated in some way.


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