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Would you fund a campaign for a better livecode website?

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Re: Better site

Post by FourthWorld » Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:49 pm

Mariasole wrote:I'm glad to have thrown the stone in the pond! :D
The stones you toss land like flower petals, so keep tossing. The energy currently directed in this thread may be harnessable into producing useful tools.
To me it seems obvious that the site of LiveCode is done in LiveCode, as it is obvious that the site of site is not done in ASP! :shock:
The engines for most scripting languages are written in C (or C++ or some other variant). Relatively few of us who specialize in scripting are as fluent in C, so it seems a good investment to leave the team to focus on the engine work as much as practical and for us scripters to handle the scripting where we can.
LC Server is very little advertised, fortunately the hosting companies are beginning to offer it (but it should be RunRev to promote it everywhere in the companies!) Because the web, thanks to LC does not end with Drupal! :wink:
PHP, Ruby, Python and other great scripting languages are also very seldom advertised. Their promotion is an organic side effect of their community building great things and letting folks know how they did it.

LC has only been open source a slender fraction of the time that PHP or Python have been around. But we do have a growing community of great minds, so I'm confident that over time the value LC brings to the world of great scripting languages will become increasingly evident as we build and deploy more systems made with it.
Sorry the romance ... but who has an ambitious company that has an excellent server language should believe it.
And if a chef does not eat his pasta, some doubt to go to his restaurant is, no? Oh what a bad English, however it is understood! :roll:
In order to keep the ship moving, every decision has to be evaluated in terms of ROI. This thread lists many things folks here would like to see the team do, but imagine how much longer it would take the team to do it if they had to first set all of them aside, along with the engine work we're asking them to do, to build a set of web tools as capable as the world leader, Wordpress, which is what they're using at the moment.

Certainly desirable, but not practical in terms of return-on-investment.

But we can raise the ROI by building those tools ourselves, and then sharing them so the team can use them as well.

Ralf Bitter has a nice framework with revIgniter similar to PHP's WebIgniter, and Andre Garzia made a slender lib called Spark inspired by PHP's Sinatra. I'm working on something somewhat akin to Jeckyl, though, like the engine team and most of you, I have to do that in my spare time, with that time paid for by doing commercial work.

Movement is happening, and will happen as quickly as we have time to build and share.

The inventor of Ruby didn't make Rails, nor did the inventor of Python make Django. Those were created by fans of those languages, just as we're seeing sprout up in our world too.
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