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iOS mobile player problem

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:41 am
by anodeyes
Howdy -

I'd appreciate some guidance for a problem I'm having with an iOS issue regarding the native player.

I'm using LiveCode 9 . 5 . 0 with xCode 10 . 1

Everything is working fine except for one thing.

I use the code below.

On the simulator, the code displays the video controller (that is: play button, scrub bar, etc.). However, on the device itself, (iPhone 8, iOS 13 . 1 . 3), the file plays, but the video controller doesn't appear.

Any idea why that is and what I can do to make it appear?

Thanks so much.



Code: Select all

on MouseUp
   put "Bubble Breathing" into field "audioTitle"
   set the visible of group "playerMask" to true
   mobileControlCreate "player", "videoControl"
   mobileControlSet "videoControl", "filename", specialFolderPath("engine") & "/mp3s/cpr-breathing-bubble . mp3"

   mobileControlSet "videoControl", "rect", the rect of graphic "playerRect"
   mobileControlSet "videoControl", "showController", true
   mobileControlSet "videoControl", "visible", true
   mobileControlSet "videoControl", "backgroundColor", "10,255,125,80"
   mobileControlDo "videoControl", "play"
end MouseUp 

Re: iOS mobile player problem

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:08 pm
by jacque
You might try LC 9.6. It's in early development right now but I hear they fixed some player issues on mobile apps.