iPadOS is coming - what will be the implications for LiveCode?

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iPadOS is coming - what will be the implications for LiveCode?

Post by SWEdeAndy » Sun Jul 28, 2019 5:25 pm

iPadOS is expected to be launched this autumn, as far as I understand.

Does anyone know what this will mean for deploying LiveCode apps to iPad?

It seems the upcoming iOS13 and iPadOS13 will be very similar, with iPadOS13 being adapted to bigger screens, multitasking etc.

Is iPadOS just an alias for ”iOS13 on iPad” or will it mean that our development/coding must adapt to a new environment?

It appears unclear if apps that until now run on both iPhone and iPad will still do so. I assume they will, but can’t find any confirmation or even discussion on that anywhere on the internet…

Is LiveCode planning to develop an iPadOS deployment option? Will it be needed?

(And then there’s also Project Catalyst on the horizon, where iOS apps will run on macOS. But I don’t see that affecting us LiveCoders too much, since if you already have the code, deploying straight to macOS is so much easier than going through iOS.)


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