App is Crashing when Opening/Closing Stacks

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App is Crashing when Opening/Closing Stacks

Post by physicsclassroom » Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:58 am

I updated an app for iOS 12 using LC 9.0.1. I made very few changes to the app. It works great in the IDE. There's several stacks in the build. Whenever I open a stack on a device, the app crashes.

My code reads something like this

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go to card "target" of stack ("targetStack.livecode")
set the destroyStack of stack ("departingStack.livecode") to true
close  stack ("departingStack.livecode")
If I insert a "wait for 5 seconds" command between the 1st and 2nd line, the targetStack opens and displays find, then in 5 seconds the app crashes. This code existed and worked prior to updating it with LC 9.0.1.

Any ideas?

Livecode Staff Member
Livecode Staff Member
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Re: App is Crashing when Opening/Closing Stacks

Post by LiveCode_Panos » Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:47 pm

Hello Tom,

This sounds like a bug. I suggest you file a bug report and attach a simple sample stack that demonstrates the problem. The team will have a look asap.


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