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Field Not Updating When Hidden - IOS

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:53 am
by istech
Hi All,

First, let me say I have solved the issue. But need to find out if it is a bug or normal behavior.

Current setup is LC 9 XCODE 9.2 MAC 10.13

Problem. When hiding a group and trying to update a field in that group while hidden was not working. The previous text that was in that field would always show. However, if the text field was showing then the update would work fine.

Here is the reason this bug took me the whole day to find was that it would work fine in the IDE but not deployed to mobile. Very frustrating as it was hard to diagnose and had worked in previous builds. So began the tedious task of going through the previous updates for that day.

The Fix. Well, the previous day I had enabled iphonesetredrawinterval and initially thought it could be that. But turned out not to be the problem. What fixed it was setting the group layer mode from dynamic to static. Then the updates worked fine.

The Question. Is this behaviour normal or is it a bug? If you enable iphonesetredrawinterval and select dynamic fields/groups, will the updating of text fields when hidden not work?

The investigation continues.

Please if you are in the know please add your thoughts.

Re: Field Not Updating When Hidden - IOS

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:48 pm
by jacque
This would be a question for the LC team, but I can guess. When a control's layermode is set to dynamic, it is cached in memory and future redraws will use the cached version. This is intended for animation use, and makes redraws used for movement much faster. When you set an object to dynamic you are essentially telling LC to use the copy it has in RAM. It won't read the original again unless it changes, and a hidden field is apparently considered unchanged.