Looking for a LiveCode Developer

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Looking for a LiveCode Developer

Post by Vanceone » Tue Oct 01, 2013 4:35 am

So, as the topic says, I'm looking for a good Livecode guy or gal.

Here's the deal:
We are planning on writing a cross platform app (I understand that Windows Phone is not yet supported by Livecode, but not sure it matters). iOS and Android first, possibly using the same model code for a mac/win app at some point.

I'll need a heavy client/server app, as we are using a bunch of web services we are writing on the back end to generate the dynamic data and reports on the front end. So the Livecode app will need to be dynamic, with user specific data and views pulled off of our server. I'm used to Objective-C and the MVC paradigm, though I know Python, php, etc so I'm heavy in traditional programming. I love Livecode, I just don't have the time to really slog through developing this app plus write my python backend as well as the website. We have or are getting a designer for branding, so transitioning to a good mobile version is essential.

We will want to do in app purchases. Definitely using Livecode commercial here. We'd like to move quickly, with an initial release within weeks. I understand livecode code, so I'll be diving right in as well, so anything written will need to be well commented/usable/understandable. Easy to maintain and modify is a priority, as we will be changing and updating and adding features fast; Livecode should be good at that. My preference is MVC, so library stacks and controllers, with limited code in my view stacks.

We will have NDA's that will be required, and we will own all code. Pay should be good. I'd love to hear questions/quotes--my guess is at least 3/4 weeks of solid work. Thanks so much!

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