How to Join Revolution Forums/Logging into Revolution Forums

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How to Join Revolution Forums/Logging into Revolution Forums

Post by Lynn » Sat Jul 22, 2006 2:38 pm

Runtime Revolution has made some (hopefully temporary) changes to joining the forums. Despite using visual keys in the sign up process, enough spammers have gotten in recently that the forums will now require authorization from a moderator.

When you sign up, please include some reference to programming, multimedia or media creation in your description. Just having a standard email account (such as a .mac account) isnt enough - Revolution Forums has had several spammers even from .mac accounts.

Moderators check the admissions queue every day, so the delay in posting is modest. This policy will change after Runtime Revolution can find additional ways to screen out spammers.

If you have previously joined and your first post appears to be off-topic, your account may be automatically deleted. Feel free to rejoin, but please make sure that your posts are on topic.
Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
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