RELEASE LiveCode 6.7

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RELEASE LiveCode 6.7

Post by heatherlaine » Thu Oct 23, 2014 8:40 pm

We're pleased to announce release of LiveCode 6.7. This is a stable release.

Important Changes
We’ve update the platform component of the engine on Linux substantially. Think of it as the equivalent of the cocoa port for MacOS X. As a result, windowing related activities on Linux are subject to change. If you are testing on Linux we would encourage you to focus on windowing, window shapes, shortcuts, copy/paste and drag/drop.

LiveCode 7.0 is now based on LiveCode 6.7. It includes cocoa, the webkit browser, the new AVFoundation player on Mac.
The file format has changed for this release to accommodate Unicode. Old stacks will still work in 7.0, but stacks saved in 7.0 format will not open in previous versions of LiveCode. Therefore it is doubly critical to backup your stacks.

Release contents
Our release notes contain full details of all the changes made during this cycle as well as details of all the bugs that were fixed. The can be found here: ... -6_7_0.pdf

LiveCode 7.0
Many of you will notice that we've also released LiveCode 7.0 today. In an ideal world we would have rolled these two releases into 1. However, LiveCode 7.0 sees us release a near 2 year refactoring project which contains same changes to engine behavior, particularly when reading and writing data out of LiveCode or working with the char chunk type. Details of these changes can be found in the release notes for LiveCode 7.0. In summary, LiveCode 6.7 provides a new release of LiveCode that is fully backward compatible allowing people to take advantage of the new features like cocoa while providing time to move to 7.0.

During the release candidate phase we added support for Yosemite and will be working on adding wider ranging support for that platform in the coming week. Apple have tweaked how some of their pickers work which we'd like make available to your applications. We plan to do this in the form of 6.7.1 and 7.0.1 releases in the coming two weeks.

As always, a big thank you to all those who tested and reported bugs during this cycle. Your efforts are valued by all of us here in Edinburgh and Glasgow!

Warm regards,

Heather on behalf of Ben Beaumont
Product Manager for LiveCode

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Re: RELEASE LiveCode 6.7

Post by rinzwind » Sat Oct 25, 2014 6:32 pm

Seems something wrong with handling " in text fields (Windows 7)

Put a field on a stack
Type something like
def "test"

See the result of these actions. Enters do not get 'through', backspace prints some symbol. Something to do with keyboard handling, since pressing ctrl+shift you can get out of the locked enter state.

edit: used keyboard layout: US International

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