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"Find" display is mystifying

Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 11:11 pm
by Kay Tate
I use the HyperCard "find" on my stack text a lot. I thought I was going to have to program a menu or "find button" on my stacks, and then I discovered the "find" menu in Revolution. The first few times I used it, it picked the stack as the target, picked the fields as a target, searched the text, got the returned the list of cards, double clicked on the card, and the card was opened, and I could see the fields.

Now, when I think I am doing the same things as above and I get to clicking on the card with the text (which is a correct item), what gets displayed is the card script and not the card itself. I have not found a modal fix for this yet. I have ensured that the stack is the focal point, that a text field is selected, etc., but "find" insists on opening the script instead of the card.

Does anyone know what I am missing? I can't just inspect the card number to bring up the card, because there are a lot of them to choose from, the card ids are 5 digits long and not serialized sand it is too hard to find it in the list.

--Kay T.