runrev stack corrupted/changed by LiveCode

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runrev stack corrupted/changed by LiveCode

Post by neville » Sun Feb 01, 2015 12:28 pm

I have a RunRev Studio 3.5 stack. Looking to convert to LiveCode, I downloaded LiveCode and open a copy of the stack. The original and the copy will now no longer open in RunRev. I need to continue to develop in RunRev: how can I retrieve the stack?

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Re: runrev stack corrupted/changed by LiveCode

Post by bn » Sun Feb 01, 2015 1:35 pm

Hi neville,

if you opened your stacks in one of the recent versions and did a save it can happen that the fileFormat is a newer one as RunRev Studio 3.5 understands.

RunRev Studio 3.5 used fileFormat 2.7, as of Livecode 5.5 the fileFormat is 5.5 and as of Livecode 7.x.x the fileFormat is 7.

You can look up if this is the problem by dragging the stacks unto a textEditor and look at the first line. For fileFormat 7 there is

REVO7000 is the format for LC 7.x.x and beyond
REVO5500 is the format for 5.5 and beyond
REVO2700 is the format RunRev Studio 3.5 used.

If you reopen your stacks in the version of Livecode you used try to do a "Save as". When the saving dialog pops up way at the bottom in the middle you have the option to choose a prior version of the fileFormat. Choose legacy 2.7. Best would be to do this on a copy of your stacks.

I hope this is the problem and you can recover your stacks.

Kind regards

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