Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Android and iOS

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Android and iOS

Postby EmilJ » Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:59 pm


I'm developing a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device using the Microchip RN4020 module. I want to make an app for Android and iOS to communicate with my device.

I'm looking for a development tool for my app and I'm currently considering LiveCode and Xamarin. I hope someone can answer my questions to help me find out if LIveCode is the right choise for my app.

Does LiveCode support BLE on both Android and iOS?

If so, is it built in or does it require a third party extension?
Iis it available in the open source version or does it require an Indy/Business license?
Are there any code examples?

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