Deadly Sins that Can Kill Your Software Company

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Deadly Sins that Can Kill Your Software Company

Post by Lynn » Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:39 pm

In mid 2005, I attended an EDGE Forum entitled Deadly Sins that Can Kill Your Software Company. The forum was given by a number of luminaries in the Silicon Forest, including Craig Barnes, founder of Now Software, Extensis and You Software.

I am compiling and extending this list with useful examples. As I write each section, I will link to them here. These may sound extremely obvious - yet intelligent and experienced CEOs make these mistakes and do not realize at the time they are doing it! Here is the list, with links back to my blog.

These articles will eventually get compiled into a longer work. I go back and edit and reedit regularly, so it may change over time.

Ignoring Your Customers and Their Real Needs

Underestimating Your Competition, Direct and Indirect - Coming Soon

Letting Your Focus Drift

Good Planning, Bad Execution

Thinking that Sales is Someone Else's Job

Being Naive, Unrealistic or Soft about Team Members and Leaders

Doing a Bad Job of Raising Money

[url]Running out of Money[/url]

Letting Your Company Culture Define itself Rather than Architecting it to Support Your Goals - Coming Soon.
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