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Post by mtalluto » Wed Apr 12, 2006 5:24 pm

In my limited experience, I have found finding the right distribution partners is the key to moving your product. The two fields I have the most experience in are education and optometry software.

Making the right connections makes the difference between casual sales and regular sales. I have also found that leaving the sales portion of the business to partners that focus on this aspect allows the developer to do what they do best.

In short, I would do the following once you have a product to sell.

1. Create a website that is used to explain your product, allow a download for demo purposes, place to inform users about updates, and a place to sell your product (preferebly in the form of a download).
2. If your product fits in the retail sales channels, then you will also need to develop packaging.
3. Develop relationships with key distributors in the given field and negotiate a mutually beneficial deal. Keep in mind it is always better to have 30-50% of thousands of sales vs 100% of small amounts of orders.
4. Visit tradeshows in the given field to quickly get up to speed on the competition and other players. Networking during these shows is your best oportunity to expand your distribution network.
5. Get back to work on the next update as after you have done steps 1 through 4, you will find that success is short lived without step 5 taking place in a repeat loop.

The above steps have many sub levels that can be a lot of fun. Marketing your product should be fun. It is the time when you get to interact with others to generate a passion for success. I view it as the culmination to the software development and sales cycle.

These are just my initial thoughts to get this particular forum going. I am interested to hear yours.
Mark Talluto

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