How to use the engine

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How to use the engine

Post by Timshark » Sat Jun 17, 2006 12:27 pm

Hi there

I feel somewhat stupid :)

When I bought arcade engine I got a mail with my licence key and a link to the arcade engine page. Should I download the trial to install it?

Should the files in the zip file go into the plugins folder?

The lack of information on how to install and start using the engine is nowhere to find....please help me...

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Post by malte » Sat Jun 17, 2006 1:37 pm


No need to feel stupid, I think the docs need to be clearer in this regard, as I received 2 other mails with exactly the same question today. ;-) I will put it into the FAQ.

ArcadeEngine is a library. You are correct that you need to download the trial version and unzip it. It can be anywhere on your Harddisc. If you want to use it, you just need to make sure it is in memory and issue the following line of script:

start using stack "arcadeEngine"

and you are good to go. All functionality is documented in the ArcadeEngineDocs.rev stack. The stack is self contained, so you do not need to have ArcadeEngine in memory just to read the docs.

Hope that helps,


PS: If you are looking for more tutorials, please download the free eBook you find at

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Post by Timshark » Sat Jun 17, 2006 2:08 pm

Splendid :D

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