Why do so few schools try LiveCode...?

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Why do so few schools try LiveCode...?

Post by Newbie4 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:42 am

There was an interesting post in the Computer Science Educator's group in Facebook: "Why do so few schools try LiveCode..." https://computinged.wordpress.com/2017/ ... our-tools/ It is worth reading as well as following his links and reading the comments at the bottom

It was written by a well-known and well-followed blogger. He is a respected teacher and computer scientist. It turns out that he is an avid LiveCoder.

He says:
The LiveCode folks have just put together a web page (linked below) describing some of the reasons why teachers should consider LiveCode. But in general, we don’t. Why not? I have two guesses:
1. There is no community of practice. There isn’t a visible community of teachers using LiveCode. There isn’t an obvious industry call for more LiveCode programmers.
2. We in computing education are mostly driven by surface-level interpretations of industry needs. It isn’t obvious that it must be so, or even that it should be so. But the same forces that killed Pascal and promoted Python, Java, and C++ as our intro languages prevent LiveCode from getting adopted.
Any observations, agreement, ideas? Any suggestions what we can do to help?

He wrote this in April 2012 https://computinged.wordpress.com/2012/ ... -practice/ and taught his class that year using LiveCode. What happened that he no longer promotes or uses LiveCode? Has this happened to you?

Are there other teachers of LiveCode out there? Are you part of the problem? Is it RunRev's fault for not providing the support and help? What do you need from RunRev to be more successful with LiveCode in your classroom? To get it more accepted into the curriculum?

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Re: Why do so few schools try LiveCode...?

Post by bogs » Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:33 am

Both articles were an interesting read for me. Even though I never had a 'formal' education in programming, I do remember when the schools around here were developing courses to teach it. The usually started (again, around here) with a version of basic in the middle grades, usually surprisingly in electronics classes. Keep in mind, this was before what I consider 'modern' computers came around, for instance we didn't have a monitor :P

I also remember Pascal, and later Delphi being mentioned a lot in education. I actually have some books on borlands Pascal releases. Frankly, I liked both. C had been around a long time, and was primarily taught in the higher education settings at the time. C had a sharp learning curve, especially if you had started out with basic, then seemed to level out after you unlearned all the problematic structures basic let you get away with.

I still dabble with free pascal/lazarus, probably the closest thing I've seen to delphi that is really cross platform. Just some thoughts, no answers really.

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