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New LiveCode Lessons

Postby Newbie4 » Tue Apr 12, 2016 4:22 pm

Here are some lessons that can be used to teach LiveCode that I have used in the classroom. They are interesting/fun projects that capture the student’s interest and are useful projects. You can use them in different ways - water them down, use them only for teaching or give out the code and have the students modify it in various ways. (Some people learn by doing it themselves from scratch - they just need shown the basic building blocks, others by starting with actual working code and modifying it)

Artificial Intelligence/Chatbots - Learn the beginnings of artificial intelligence and write your own chatbot (the precursor to your own Siri or Google Now). You can start each lesson by having them do the code with you while you project it on the screen , develop the code together as a class or give them the basic code and show them how to enhance it. For the lower grades, you can supply the code and let them add to it at each stage

Show them the examples - and have them come up with a topic (environmental chatbot, math chatbot), attitude (sarcastic, mean, happy chatbot) or specific type (pirate, soccer, etc chatbots) to create of their own.

2. Data/BigData Programs - - Learn how to handle text, sorts, searching and with different sizes and types of data. They start with finding out how popular their name was when they were born. They download all the names used the year that they were born and work with them.

They also learn to work with CSV data, and text manipulation. You can follow the lessons, develop the code with them, or just give them the code and have them modify it in different ways. There are many links so that you can give assignments with other data and just require them to modify the code to handle different types of data and searches.

I will be updating them and adding more in the coming months but appreciate any suggestions for improvement
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Re: New LiveCode Lessons

Postby FourthWorld » Tue Apr 12, 2016 6:32 pm

Awesome stuff - thanks for posting that!
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Re: New LiveCode Lessons

Postby philip9 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:27 pm

Thanks for posting, it is very helpful.
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Re: New LiveCode Lessons

Postby openworld » Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:54 pm


Many thanks for a great overview on building chatbots in Livecode!

I just clicked on your first links and was glad to find the following page – ... -resources

There is a reference to a downloadable Starter Chatbox stack –

>>1. Start up the Sample Chatbot
>>Download and run the Starter Chatbot
>>LiveCode = Chatbot_0.livecode (download and open with LiveCode)

Unfortunately, there seems to be no active link to this downloadable Chatbox stack.

Is there a working link somewhere to it, or a similar LC example stack?


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Re: New LiveCode Lessons

Postby openworld » Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:00 pm

Newbie4 and all,

Just spotted a small "download" icon for the Starter Chatbox stack at the very bottom of the page. It works – one can get the stack here ... ... ects=0&d=1


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