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Smooth Movement

Post by Jarf01 » Sat Mar 05, 2016 3:08 am

Hello livecode comunity, Hope you are having/ has or had a good Day :) . This topic is about The smooth movement In livecode. If anybody played Pokemon Blue or Red for gameboy, Gameboy color Then you should know how it is the movement of the character in that game. Is something like The character move in Square Net its somewhat weird to explain,And in the new pokemons They Can move freely And Smooth, This happens in a lot of games. So The question is How to Smooth that movement.

For that i Do some questions With the anwsers to clarify this topic:

How is going to be the movement? -- Its going to be free and smooth.
When The character is going to move? --When the user press an specific Key Like W , A , S , D.
How fast is the movement? -- The movement is defined by a variable , The variable will be BaseSpeed + UpradgeSpeed. So The movement is going to be By Set loc or Reduce the time elapsed in the Move command

If you have any other questions let me know i will answer.

But basucally i want it to move Smooth.No by pixel and if you keep pressing W for up , and then press D for rigth then the move dont wait (Send Message to me in x seconds command?) and its go smooth without waiting , E.g On touho the movement if you search for a battle or something like that you will see the smooth movement of the character, So that is what i want to make. a good animation of movement triggered on a sepecified Key.

NOTE: The resolution im working with is 30 x 30. Im in learning process now so ill use this in the future, for a game project.
NOTE2: Actually move is really Smooth so i think is the second way so, Correct me if im wrong or Put your ways to do it!
Have a nice Day / Nigth .
Thanks for Reading This post! :)

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