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Post by za_mic » Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:26 pm

Hi all,

Going through multiple topics, suggestions, forums, search... I am still struggling to get an answer. The environment the application is old, Centos 5.11, and can not be upgrade due to other programs running on this, seeing that it is running this OS, I was forced to use to LC 7.0.6, tried on LC 9.0.1, but getting quite a lot of errors, eg. GLIBCXX_3.4.14, etc. Building on 7.0.6, I am not getting any errors, except a "printing failed" result.

The revpdfprinter.so is in the same directory as the program, I've also created a small test program that only executes the printing, but still, getting the "printing failed" result, test script below:

on openstack
set the defaultFolder to "/test"
//answer defaultfolder
open printing to pdf "testfile.pdf"
put shell("echo Open Printing:"&the result)
print card "cardtoprint"
put shell("echo The print Result:"&the result)
close printing
end openstack

I've tested this on OSX and it is working, I am thinking that something is missing on the server it self. The glib packages are on the latest for Centos 5.11: glibc-2.5.

Can someone please point me a direction what else I need to check / double check / triple check?

Thank you!

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