Unsupported, but does it work? 2 Arch derivatives

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Unsupported, but does it work? 2 Arch derivatives

Postby wsamples » Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:35 am

Full official Linux support is extremely limited, but LiveCode runs well in many unsupported distros. Sadly, not as well in a few others.

Here's a brief synopsis of my experience testing LiveCode in two distros that are based on Arch; Manjaro and Antergos. Again, KDE Plasma 5, 64 bit using LiveCode versions 8.0.2 and 8.1-RC2. Default DVD installation with nothing additional needed to get LiveCode to work.

Antergos seems to run LiveCode beautifully and the interactive tour completes and compiles to a fully functioning standalone.

Under Manjaro, LiveCode crashed on launch every time initially but my experience trying to get openSUSE Leap to run led me to a solution. Under KDE the font used for GTK apps is set separately from the default system font. Changing the GTK font from "Noto Sans" to "Liberation Sans" solved the crash issue and thereafter LiveCode ran fine and the interactive tour completed and compiled to a fully functioning standalone. The IDE seemed just a bit sluggish to respond to mouseclicks, but this was inside a VM and I don't know if that was a factor. It did not crash at all after the font change. I will try a a non KDE version to see how that runs, given the initial difficulty under KDE. I'll post below when I've done that.
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