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Re: Linux installer DEB

Post by FourthWorld » Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:38 pm

richmond62 wrote:This should have been done before a FOSS version was produced.
I suppose we could say that about all sorts of things for nearly anyone. After all, it's not like the team's been exactly sitting idle.

I've seen a good many FOSS projects without an IP policy at all, though I agree it's useful to have and have been working with the team to help steward that along.
What amazes me is that someone hasn't ripped the code off completely already.
If you're referring to the Community Edition it would be impossible for anyone to have "ripped the code off", since the GPL explicitly encourages forking.

If you follow a lot of FOSS projects you'll find that they tend to get forked with a frequency inversely proportionate to their scope and complexity. In brief, it's a lot of work to fork something like LiveCode.

There may be some interesting things one could do with that, but it seems most contributors prefer to submit pull requests for the main project rather than saddling themselves with maintaining the whole thing separately.
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