Concurrency issue with files

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Concurrency issue with files

Post by yuzutake » Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:34 pm

Here's my problem:
I'll have several computers (not always connected to the network, not always the same IP...) that will do some work on the same network resource. They must not do it at the same time. I'm wondering if there's a simple way to know whether a process is already doing its work.

I tried to make a lock file with this draft:

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on mouseUp
   put specialFolderPath("desktop")&"/myLock.txt" into lockName
   if the short name of the target is "btnLck" then
      if fld "fldRes" is "locked by me" then exit mouseUp
      if there is a file lockName then
         put "locked by another process" into fld "fldRes"
         open file lockName for write
         put "locked by me" into fld "fldRes"
      end if
   else if the short name of the target is "btnRel" and fld "fldRes" is "locked by me" then
      close file lockName
      delete file lockName
      put "released" into fld "fldRes"
   end if
end mouseUp

on preOpenStack
   put empty into fld "fldRes"
end preOpenStack
but it isn't safe.
I also tried to see if the result of open file told us "file locked" (as MS Word does) but it doesn't :(

Am I forced to make a DLL and use Windows API?

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Re: Concurrency issue with files

Post by FourthWorld » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:50 pm

I've found that many OS conventions vary across platforms, and even on a single platform may have exceptions not easily accounted for. So for network applications I tend to use lock files.
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Re: Concurrency issue with files

Post by AxWald » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:56 am


I'm using this:

Code: Select all

-- gURLToPut = destination path
-- gLockFile = filename of a local dummy lock file
-- cmd writelog = a cmd that writes to a log file
-- function getMyTS() = a function returning a timestamp

on mouseUp 
  put false into GoOn
   repeat until GoOn
      put SetLock() into GoOn
      wait 5 sec with messages      
   end repeat
   -- action code here
   delete URL (gURLToPut & gLockFile)
   writelog "  # Lock deleted #"
   get the result
   if it is not empty then writelog "Error@LockDelete: " & it
end mouseUp

function SetLock
   put URL gURLToPut into MyVar
   if gLockFile is in MyVar then
      writelog "  # FTP is locked #"
      return false
      Put "./" & gLockFile into TheLockFile
      --  optional, for better analysis in case of problems:  --
      open file TheLockFile for write
      write the short name of this stack & " | " & getMyTS() to file TheLockFile
      close file TheLockFile
      --  /optional  --
      put theLockFile into URL (gURLToPut & gLockFile)
      writelog "  # Created Lock #"
      return true
   end if
end SetLock
I don't use this in a heavy concurrency environment - so there may be quirks. But so far it works. Hope I didn't remove something important when shortening for posting ;-)

Have fun!
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Re: Concurrency issue with files

Post by yuzutake » Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:03 am

If Process #1 goes to sleep just before "put theLockFile into URL (gURLToPut & gLockFile)", "gLockFile is in MyVar" isn't true yet for Process #2.

I've looked at other forums and I'll do

Code: Select all

on mouseUp
   put empty into fld "fldLock"
   set the hideConsoleWindows to true
   open process "testlock.cmd" for text update
   read from process "testlock.cmd" for 1 char in 1 seconds
   if it is empty then
      put "locked by me" into fld "fldLock"
      put "locked by another" into fld "fldLock"
      close process "testlock.cmd"
   end if
end mouseUp
where testlock.cmd looks like

Code: Select all

@echo off
cmd >"%temp%\myLock.txt"
It's still not perfect since the testlock.cmd process can be killed thus unlocking %temp%\myLock.txt... But it's OK for me.

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