XPDFViewer not visible on Win 10

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XPDFViewer not visible on Win 10

Post by djkesler » Sun May 13, 2018 3:51 pm

Is there something I haven't gotten about XPDFViewer on Win 10?
This code works great on Mac, however the viewer never becomes visible on Win.

on mouseup
put basepath&"/entryforminstructions.pdf" into fn1
XPDFViewer_Open "instructions", the windowID of this stack
XPDFViewer_Set "instructions", "rect", (10, 64, 789, 542)
XPDFViewer_Set "instructions","fileName",fn1
XPDFViewer_Set "instructions","visiblity",true
XPDFViewer_Set "instructions","hscrollbar",false
XPDFViewer_Set "instructions","vscrollbar",true
XPDFViewer_Zoom "instructions","width"
XPDFViewer_GoToPage "instructions", "first"
show grp "Instructions"
end mouseup

This is the first time I have used the XPDFViewer.

Thanks for any help.

David K.

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