Mac OS X Externals & Xcode 4.6

Are you developing an External using the LiveCode Externals SDK?

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Mac OS X Externals & Xcode 4.6

Post by shaosean » Thu Jul 25, 2013 12:10 pm

For those that are looking to write externals for Mac OS X and can only use Xcode 4.6, here are some little tips that should help..

- launch Xcode
- create a New Project (File > New > Project)
- on the sheet that is displayed, select the Framework & Library item under the OS X header
- select the Bundle option on the right side
- click Next
- enter your Product Name, Organization Name and Company Identifier
- select the Cocoa framework option
- disable the Use Automatic Reference Counting (trust me on this one, pain in the butt)
- click Next
- select where to save your project
- click Create

- the target bundle should be selected and you will see a list of information under the Info section
- click the Build Settings section
- change Architectures to "32-bit Intel"
- change Build Active Architecture Only - Release to "Yes"

- right click on the Project item on the far left sidebar
- select Add File to <project>
- add the "external.c" and "external.h" files to the project

Now you are good to go :-)

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