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Welcome to the extending the Studio forum!

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 7:06 pm
by kevinmiller
Runtime Revolution would like to welcome you to the extending the Studio forum!

Please review the general forum FAQ at for etiquette on posting in Revolution forums.

The purpose of this advanced forum is the discussion of the creation of tools to extend the Revolution IDE. This is the place to talk about the nuts and bolts of extending our nuts and bolts. If you want to use a Revolution or third party Environment extension, visit the Using Evironment Extensions forum.

This forum is an official forum run by Runtime Revolution, Ltd. There are employees of Runtime Revolution that visit these forums, however there is not constant observation. If you notice someone breaking the rules, being abusive, asking or sharing warez, or violating the general terms and conditions of using the site or Runtime Revolution products, we hope you will take the time to report these violations to a forum moderator.

Thank you again for being a Runtime Revolution customer! I look forward to your participation here on this forum - its the best place to share your tips, tricks and techniques with Revolution.

Kind regards,

Kevin Miller, CEO
Runtime Revolution