ANN: WordLib 2.0 - Formatting, Meta, Mobile, Android

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ANN: WordLib 2.0 - Formatting, Meta, Mobile, Android

Post by Curry » Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:41 pm

Howdy Folks,

I'm happy to announce a new version of WordLib!

Ready for extreme imports? It's time for total document domination.

WordLib 2.0 brings serious attitude to your word processing imports with a bevy of new MS Word formatting features (such as paragraph alignment, line spacing, borders, complex highlights, better tables, hierarchical lists) to match the new field capabilities in LiveCode 5.5 and later.

You also get "the rest of the story" with document meta info, added options such as a starting folder for the import command, friendly Unicode, a better Mobile experience thanks to greater parity with Desktop features, and an improved demo that runs everywhere.

And now "everywhere" just got bigger; this version includes the Android platform, so documents may run, but there's nowhere to hide from your import capabilities.

If you're new to WordLib, it's all about getting a Word or OpenOffice file into a LiveCode field, either at runtime so that your end users can load arbitrary documents, or during development if you want to use your favorite word processor to design content for your fields. Document...field...presto.

Web page and download are here:

To purchase WordLib, you can choose between two great options, the RunRev Marketplace and the CurryK eSellerate store. Both are linked in the above web page and in the software demo itself.

The eSellerate store is ready to deliver the new version immediately, so I would recommend it if you wish to purchase or upgrade right away!

To do so, just head on over to:

The 2.0 series is a paid upgrade, and will span approximately a year of continued development and updates, with the initial focus on OpenOffice and legacy Word improvements. For my awesome existing customers, I've added an upgrade option directly to the eSellerate store to smooth the way! Now the process happens immediately at the speed of your browser/finger, just like the full version purchase, and you don't need to wait on me to send your upgrade discount. (Get it done yesterday!) You can use this upgrade option regardless of where you purchased the previous version.

I hope you enjoy the update! I'll be announcing updates for other products soon....

(This version was announced previously on the "use" and "dev" mailing lists. New for today is the direct upgrade option in the eSellerate store for 1.x owners!)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy
Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

LiveCode Development, Training & Consulting

WordLib: Conquer MS Word & OpenOffice
SpreadLib: "Excel-lent" spreadsheet import/export

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