ToolTips Magic plug-in for LiveCode

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William R. Moseid
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ToolTips Magic plug-in for LiveCode

Post by William R. Moseid » Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:22 pm

We have a new plugin for LiveCode which manages LC ToolTips
1) Creation
2) Editing
3) ToolTips can be parsed using the "\" character which provides a line feed
3) Vacuum ToolTips from a card or stack
4) Insert a ToolTip in a given object
4) Save a ToolTips list to a file creating a a TookTips Repository for use in other projects
5) Load a ToolTips list from a file repositor
6) And more . . .

I am writing an article about the plug-in for Jana & Heather for publication
Please contact me if interested in testing

Later the Plug-in: ToolTips Magiic will be available in the LC a Store

But you, the first invited Developers will receive a Free copy. We are using the Honor Approach with this product.
Meaning that, other than singing a reasonable doc that says don't give or sell the plug-in to others we trust in your word.

We will be limiting this testing offer to the first 3 developers to respond to our solicitation.

There will be additional Magic Plug-ins coming, such as "CodeVac Magic" which wil do amazing things so you can have a Code Repository, etc. as well a s Procedure Magic" to name a few.


William R. Moseid

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