mergSockets help needed

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mergSockets help needed

Post by tonymac » Tue Mar 18, 2014 7:35 pm

Trying to use mergExt external mergSocket to do socket communication between iOS mobile devices. I'm struggling to get mergSockets handlers working. I've got LiveCode sockets working great with desktop/laptop computers but now trying to get sockets working in the iOS environment and mergSockets from mergExt is my only option as LC hasn't implemented them as of yet. Been going over the demo example that comes with mergSockets but how the handlers work seem to be very different from LiveCode's way of doing socket communication, some things are hardcoded in mergSocket and I can't find any extensive documentation with good "best practice" and suggestions anywhere.

Would appreciate any example anyone could share or point other sources of info and I will go look.

Thanks for any help.

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