Post-eSellerate Sale: WordLib, SpreadLib, etc - 50% off

Interested adding compiled externals from LiveCode and third parties to your LiveCode projects? This is the place to talk about them.

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Post-eSellerate Sale: WordLib, SpreadLib, etc - 50% off

Post by Curry » Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:05 pm

Death of eSellerate (48-hour, 50%-off) REBIRTH Sale

Due to the untimely, or at least inconvenient, demise of an old electronic friend (eSellerate) as a separate entity, I have migrated the addon store to its parent company (Digital River) and updated the store links on the web site.

To commemorate this occasion and launch the updated store, I've issued a REBIRTH coupon for half-price on any/all available addons.

Coupon Code: rebirth (50%)

Web Page: (click Store)

Store URL:

Curry K. LiveCode Addons - First and best - Instant delivery!

Reginfo is shown on the order confirmation web page AND email, so there's no waiting; get started today.

I'll take down the Coupon Code in approx 2 days. The Reg Guide is now text, rather than PDF. Happy coding....
Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

LiveCode Development, Training & Consulting

WordLib: Conquer MS Word & OpenOffice
SpreadLib: "Excel-lent" spreadsheet import/export

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