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Apps for sale

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 7:40 am
by Neurox66
Hello everyone,
I apologize if my message is off topic.
I live in Italy.
After years of development with LiveCode I decided to close my VAT number .
I have eight apps into Apple Store, five for MacOS and three for iOS.
To those interested I decided to sell these eight apps, including LC sources.
For those who already have an Apple Developer account, it will only be necessary to make a transfer of ownership and therefore it will not be necessary to go through the Apple check again and the sales money will pass automatically to your current account associated with the Apple ID.
From the beginning of 2019 sales in total were $ 159, in 2018 were $ 357 and the year before $ 524
The apps are:
  Name Platforms Apple ID
1 Calendarium iOS 919174861
2 iWheelColor iOS 466334194
3 Date Machine macOS 1000533176
4 CartaCarburante macOS 1409532165
5 PWGen macOS 670287845
6 Text2CrossStitch macOS 1050099807
7 MyPositions iOS 774850550
8 Phonema Converter macOS 685995095

Summary in App Store: ... d664637452
I am also available to issue an invoice.
Payment by bank transfer or PayPal.

The LiveCode sources are well commented in Italian, to those who buy I will also send all the versions and revisions developed.
 For all eight programs and the total transfer of rights, I request at least $1000, but I will evaluate any offer.
Paolo Borzini