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Developer assistance needed

Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:25 pm
by Anada

I am a linguist and occasional Livecode programmer.
I have an Indy license and use the Livecode web hosting service.

I have written an application that converts phonetic text directly into sound by playing in succession an audio clip associated with each phonetic character. It works quite well but it functions by waiting until each sound is played before playing the next one.

Firstly, I am considering changing my app by having it concatenate the audio clips into chunks then playing the resulting chunks. Possibly, I could do this by having an extension made with C or Javascript. Maybe something like the Javascript routine "audioconcat".

Secondly, I am considering making my application web-based with HTML5 but I don't have a license for doing that.

I am looking for a developer who could assist me with doing there two things, for a fee. I look forward to any suggestions.

Best regards,
Simon Vickers