Livecode not connecting to cPanel depending on location

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Livecode not connecting to cPanel depending on location

Post by mturney » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:20 pm

I read through some of the topics for cPanel use. Not sure if I need to add a new topic and apologies if someone has addressed this on another topic area. I am having connection issues with Livecode and cPanel. I use a MacBook Pro at work and at home. I am developing a Livecode app that makes calls to cPanel with the following script:

In a button called “connect”:
on mouseUp
global gConnectionID
put "" into tDatabaseAddress
put "lc680611_shortMedList" into tDatabaseName
put "lc680611_mturney" into tDatabaseUser
put "°°°°°°°" into tDatabasePassword —(passwd is withheld for this discussion)
put revOpenDatabase("MySQL", tDatabaseAddress, tDatabaseName, tDatabaseUser, tDatabasePassword) into tResult
if tResult is a number then
put tResult into gConnectionID
answer info "Connected to the database." & cr & "Connection ID = " & gConnectionID
set the backgroundcolor of me to green — to indicate connection to the DB
put empty into gConnectionID
answer error "Unable to connect to the database:" & cr & tResult
set the backgroundcolor of me to red
end if
end mouseUp

When at work, I get a result that says
“Connected to the database”. Connection id= 87 (or other number)

When at home, I get the result that says

“Unable to connect to the database:
Access denied for user
(using password: YES)

I checked my cPanel security and I don’t have any IP addresses in the IP blocker. Not sure if this is my internet provider at home blocking my calls to cPanel. Any suggestions as to how to fix this? Thanks!


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