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[ANN] Network Tracer

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:29 pm
by SoapDog
Hi Everyone,

It is with a lot of excitement that I am here to announce a new plugin for LiveCode called Network Tracer. This is a zero-configuration plugin and library combination that creates a "networked log" experience to help you debug your LC solutions.

To use it, you open the Dashboard stack in the IDE (you can add it to your plugins folder if you want) and then add the library stack (and start using it) from your stacks. Any call to the APIs provided will appear in the Dashboard stack provided that both the Dashboard and the standalone (or another IDE on another machine) are both in the same network (LAN, WIFI) and the your firewall is allowing incoming connections on port 8001 (should just work).

I've prepared a nice video for you to check out:

And also a page about it:

The plugin costs GBP 40 and it has the potential to really speed up your development, just watch the video to be amazed. Also, I've made a bundle of my DB Lib, some of my other tools and the Network Tracer for GBP 100, all that information is on the hyperlink above.

I hope you're all as excited to check it out as I am to provide this new tool for the community.