Navigator 6.1 alpha 1 is available

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Navigator 6.1 alpha 1 is available

Post by geoffcanyon » Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:05 am

It's been several months since I posted an update here, but Navigator has gone through multiple revisions. Major feature updates include:
  1. Convert to script-only stack behaviors has a dialog box to make it easier to work with.
    1. You can preview the changes and examine a detailed log of the results to make sure everything is happening as it should.
    2. Export fully supports chained behaviors.
    3. The export dialog makes it easy to find all the controls that need to be converted.
    4. You can also (for simple exports involving no chained behaviors) restore scripts from script-only stack behaviors.
    5. Navigator supports custom-defined naming conventions for exported script-only stacks.
    6. Navigator can store the settings (naming definition, behavior folder) within the main stack of your project so you can recall it later.
    7. If the main stack has saved settings, then right-clicking on any scripted control(s) allows immediately converting that control to script-only stack behaviors.
  2. Navigator now supports group folding: click in the left margin to collapse or restore any group.
  3. Drag and drop fully supports filtering by test (available on the Actions menu), filter by text (using the search box in the upper right), and folded groups.
  4. Navigator now has a preferences dialog that allows you to easily set all the original preferences and more.
    1. Save and switch between color palettes.
    2. Set a default level of group folding.
    3. Define a custom string to control Navigator's display for controls -- anything that can be Value()ed will work. Use tID for the object's id.
    4. Any combination of shift, option, and command can be used with double-click for a command.
    5. Custom commands can be created. Anything that will work in a "do" will work. Use tID for the object's id.
  5. New Navigator (on the Actions menu) and Open in New Navigator (on the popup menu) work properly, and any number of Navigators are supported.
  6. Drag and Drop Support:
    1. You can drag and drop from Navigator windows to LC stacks
    2. You can drag and drop from Navigator windows to other Navigator windows.
    3. You can drag controls and bookmarks from Navigator to a stack to add and position controls. (Note, this always duplicates the control even if you're dragging a control that is already on the target card).
    4. You can drag controls and bookmarks from Navigator to another Navigator to add controls or bookmarks.
    5. Drag cards and groups to copy them from one stack to another.
As usual, you can get Navigator here. Or grab it from GitHub.

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Re: Navigator 6.1 alpha 1 is available

Post by bogs » Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:26 pm

Wow Geoff, thanks for the update, will be looking forward to taking it for a spin later.

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