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Additional routines

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:47 am
by MadDogDean
Hello all,

Here's a upgraded routine for those of you working on the Calculator course. Our observations:
1. A leading "." was not preceded by a leading zero (merely aesthetics)
2. It was possible to enter multiple "." in a number

Update the code on the Card Script

Code: Select all

on numberPressed pNumPress
   --if the text of field "display" is 0 then
   if lNewNumber is true then
      -- determine if we need a leading zero
      if pNumPress = "." then
         put "0" into field "display"
         put pNumPress after field "display"
         put false into lNewNumber
         put pNumPress into field "display"
         put false into lNewNumber
      end if
      -- allow only one "."
      if pNumPress = "." then
         if field "display" contains "." then exit numberPressed
      end if
      put  pNumPress after field "display"
   end if
   set the label of button "clear" to "C"
end numberPressed